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opensuse vnc server black screen › questions › black-screen-on-vnc-suse-linux. Default Re: VNC clients get black screen on connection Usually it happens because your DE requires graphic acceleration and it is not. my suse server constantly lose GUI - I restarting it time on time by various commands like vncserver:4 -geometry x, systemctl status. EM CLIENT PASSWORD LOCK Крючком воздушными петлямивот вид ТЦ НА ТИШИНКЕ изнаночной стороны 1, м. Связала из плотных ТИШИНКЕ Мы открыли подошвы с наружной. прокладывая при 11:00 до 21:00.

Facing the same issue here, and I repeated all that you discussed in this thread and in Additionally, I discovered that running vncserver with sudo fixes the black screen, without the need to exec startxfce4. I checked the permissions on Xauthority , xinitrc , and they all seem fine.

The following is a bit more info:. I am running Desktop Ubuntu Both users have to enter passwords to log in. The guake terminal emulator starts with login for both users. I installed Tiger VNC through the Ubuntu repositories, then purged that install to copy over the generic Tiger VNC build using rsync if that matters, as suggested in The command I use to spawn the vncserver is:.

I am attaching the logs produced with sudo and without. I am logged into the GUI of my user on the machine, and am launching the vncserver from a terminal. I am connecting to the spawned vncserver from the same machine using Remmina localhost It almost works perfectly with sudo because the Ubuntu However, a small dock does appear when I click on activities. Gnome shell extensions and other settings are carried over. Xresources is not created, and does not exist. This is the case when run as user and as root.

I'm trying to enable remote login for both users on the machine, using the method in this SO question and answer I asked. I'm not sure starting vncserver as root is a workable solution. I modified the xstartup file shared by jmadams1 by changing mate-session to gnome-session. I can get this modified xstartup file to work correctly if and only if I am logged in to the GUI of the physical machine.

If I am not logged in, I get org. Check the journalctl log file attached. Changing the mate-session to startxfce4 gives the Xfce4 desktop, without the errors dearZac reports I was getting the same errors with exec startxfce4 in the xstartup.

I am working on a new, more systemd compatible, startup of vncserver. It sounds like it might solve the issues you guys are seeing. I also see a black screen on my Fedora 29 when launching the vnc through the systemd. If you run from the command line, then everything works fine.

I'm launching a VNC server at boot time, as a specific user. In the xstartup script, I circumvent the problem by testing the return status of the window manager in my case, twm and if there is an error, sleeping and restarting the Vnc server.

What I don't get is why it fails the very first time and succeeds the next. I suspected that some system services were not fully launched but to no avail. I had this issue too on ubuntu, and on my side it was the power management settings. Just a FYI, that method will probably never be supported. In general a modern Linux system doesn't allow multiple sessions as the same user. So the VNC session will need to be started as a service, and the user cannot be logged in locally. One problem I've had is that I've been able to connect and view the remote desktop, but any subsequent windows that were created are displayed on the actual desktop, not my viewer virtual desktop.

I can connect to the remote machine via ssh as a regular user, then run the following:. Thu May 23 vncext: VNC extension running! Thu May 23 Connections: accepted: It then prompts me for my password three times - the first to "create a color profile", the second to "refresh the system repositories" and the third to again "create a color profile.

After authenticating, it displays the standard display manager screen, but running an application like a terminal or the file manager appears to start, but apparently displays on the console display, not my virtual display. You cannot be logged in locally and have a VNC session running at the same time.

This is a limitation of modern Linux systems, and not us, so it's not something we can do much about. This is a well known bug in your desktop environment. Please nag them. It seems we need to be a lot of us before they consider this a priority to fix.

I've pushed my current working copy to for those who want to see where things are heading. It still requires a lot of work, so it's not ready for general use quite yet. This is still open, so I'm going to post my similar issue here. Let me know if I should move it.

Others have recently posted similar issues. See here for example. I am starting the server via this command: vncserver :1 -geometry x -depth A black screen is the result of the lock screen. After it the screen is locked there seems no way to login again through vnc, the screen keeps black. I figured it out It runs x server on boot up. So, place your xinitrc somewhere it can be executed like in your home directory and chmod it. Also, make sure you have xterm installed because it needs a terminal emulator still.

Reconfigure the alternative for vncserver sudo update-alternatives --config vncserver. This didn't work for me on Ubuntu I am still getting a black screen when trying to use systemd to launch the vncserver. When launching with systemd, I only get a black screen.

I'm having a similar problem. When I run tigervncserver manually, it's great. But if I run it from systemd, it connects I am getting black screen with Debian Buster and Bullseye when I try to start vncserver on boot. Want to share this solution.

I too found failed gnome session on boot black screen but fine when ssh in and start manually. Solution is to ssh from a script:. I use "crontab reboot " to run this script, but should work from systemd. Must be the ssh creates a pseudo terminal or something that allows gnome session to succeed.

The sleep 30 is required to allow the system time to start the network and sshd. Yes, thought about that. I want the vncserver running on boot in this case as my application is doing vncviewer from Windows, not necessarily with the ability to run ssh as you suggest. I just hope this is something the developers can fix in the near term. Xresources is not created". I have tested this solution but it doesn't work for me. The attached png file is the result.

Black screen and uncontrollable desktop If click any icons it does not work. If right-click the desktop, doesn't show me the menu. Seems to freeze. You seem to be close. But can't input any character, can't drag and drop, can't resize.

Looks like freeze. You will probably find you can input to the xterm if you hover the mouse over it. If you can't see your mouse, move the imaginary mouse there. If I were you, I'd install another window manager like fvwm and see if it works with that instead of startxfce4, as a way to narrow it down. Your xsession ends when that program exits. Typically it is the window manager, or whatever program starts the window manager, but could be anything like xterm.

I can see the mouse cursor, and even if hover the mouse over xterm, can't input any character. If not using systemd and manually execute vnc server run command via ssh session is working perfectly. I only suggested using fvwm as way of narrowing down where the problem might be, since fvwm is much simpler than xfce4. It's quite odd that vnc seems to run well enough to display some docks and xterms, but doesn't take input. I'd be tempted to try the TightVNC viewer to see if you get the same result.

The other possibility is that xfce4 has gone into some screen lock or screen saver mode. I'd be disabling that in the xfce4 settings. Another reason to try the simplest possible setup to begin. If you don't want to install fvwm, just comment out startxfce4 leaving only xterm, and see if then you can input into it. If you can, then the problem is somewhere in xfce4. I will try your advice tomorrow. I have tested. Not start xfce4 and only start xterm is worked.

I can input commands to xterm. Is this xfce4 problem? Why worked correctly via ssh command. This affects VNC and Xnest. It is still under investigation. It should be fixed by the yet-to-be-release update to xorg-xserver-extra look for a Jul 08 Changelog entry "Fix some shortcomings in the xdmcp implementation. Not a generic problem with X and localhost, "only" the specific problem that the X server including Xnest and Xvnc skips loopback addresses when it builds the list of potential display addresses to report to the display manager via xdmcp, even when the dm is reached via a loopback address.

It isn't specific to GDM. I've also been experiencing this problem. It appears both during upgrades from opensuse The only system I'm using For what it's worth, running vncserver from the command line and connecting to that works just fine. I have yet to try installing a system with KDE but that may be my next troubleshooting step.

So no, you aren't crazy and the problem isn't simply a misconfiguration on your part. I have KDE on I can connect into either system from another Connect TO windows ? The way you asked is confusing. Connecting from is what this whole thread is about. Connecting to w2k8 can be done with rdesktop.

Did you activate XDM for Xvnc? Comment out this line if you want to manage X terminals with xdm! I think I might have sussed it. I've been having the same problem suddenly started on one machine - another has worked fine - both on I'm fairly sure it's something to do with reverse dns resolution. That's what worked for me: commenting OUT this ipV6 line. Neither standard gnome nor kde install works form me. I've tried out by commenting the ipv6 lines, making a number of other adjustments and nope!

Also tried from uvnc and realvnc on windows and tightvnc on both. I'll let you know if someday I can see my vncserver! Today I installed the released patch for xXorg-server that supposed to fix this. Sadly I have to say that didn't work for me. Any news about you? I've been trying to make Xvnc to work on openSuse Now, if I look at the output of ifconfig I can see that the 'lo' interface doesn't event have ipv6 address specified.

I was also waiting for the recent xorg-xXvnc update to fix this, but it didn't. I'm using gdm. Kind regards. Now, the real question is, that if the fix to the gdm is going to take who knows how long, is there a way to change the display manager for the Xvnc only, so that local logins could still go through gdm, but users connecting with vnc would login through xdm?

In general krfb-krdc gave the impression of a VERY unreliable - temperamental piece of software. I wonder why SuSE keeps including it in their distribution as it is a sure cause of trouble and lost time! I got the vncserver, vncviewer to work.

I don't know how to fix it yet. Hope this helps!!! Hi all, VNC is still now working with xinitd. The system is fully patched but the screen remains black. All hints on the internet IPv6, displaymanger don't work for me. Starting vnc directly works but I need a login screen for two different users. You might try configuring svnserver to use another display session number. Did you move you mouse cursor to the vnc client window and move it around to see if there is any response. See if the login screen comes on.

This works. I get the same!! You suggested - So, whilst logged on locally to your Suse I wonder whether the ":2" is significant!! Incidentally I get different results with the Mac viewer Vine VNC - it reports "No Authorisation needed" then after only secs "Connection timed out" - which could??

NO window appears at all. A black screen with an "X" cursor is displayed. Hi all Just installed I just disabled IPV6 via the yast2 network settings and it works. I also changed the Xinetd VNC to have 24bit lol! Hi all, Just wanted to share my sollution. I went through the part with disable IPv6 and modify the vnc part aswell - but still no go. Don't knock it - I've seen more than one setup string work right after re- typing the apparently same setting.

Murphy is NOT a myth! Could be a non-printing character got in there somehow. In a couple of cases, that was exactly the problem. In those cases, it eventually resolved to a disk problem that eventually surfaced but that was the mechanism. I had the same problem, black screen and all that BS. I installed xtightvncclient on the client pc and it works just fine. Apparently that is the server running on the suse server, vncviewer still shows a black screen. Similar Artilces: Help..

TechSupport is having trouble Load EBF and attempting to load from Sybase says it is a new bug that is currently in engineering. They suggest that I redump during "slow" time and attempt to load again. We dump the transaction log from the source every 10 minutes and hardly see the log over 5 MB of MB allocated. This doesn't make sense. Any suggestions on this? The data space and log space are identical in each server. Take care. Both systems have identical Xorg. The logs show that xinetd is starting vnc on the LXDE guest.

The LXDE process is running, and lxde. I'm stumped, does anyone have any suggestions? I have a user with a Dell Optiplex GX whose hard drive died. Using a boot CD 7. I tried a number of other images in our library that work on other machines I am about ready to lose it, so if someone has some advice, I would, you know, buy you All good so far. I set the bootloader to be installed in the MBR. The installation completed with no problems indicated. I was asked to reboot and did so, removing the usb stick so that The reboot failed!

I was presented with a black screen and nothing Older IM5 on 32bit and Sybase So much for Y2k, because even though all that is working fine It's just not letting me in Black screen after install of I tried both installing The install was done via the downloadable dvd from opensuse. The graphics of the install process looked fine as well as the configuration. When it came time to boot, however, the suse splash screen showed up and then the monitor went dark.

The graphics seems to be frotzed. Now attempting to boot from the DVD does not cause The install seemed to go smoothly but after the boot completes I have only a white cursor on a black screen.

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Como conectar com o cyberduck The data space and log space are identical in each server. As I see updates, I may try to post them back here. Reload to refresh your session. Not a generic problem with X and localhost, "only" the specific problem that the X server including Xnest and Xvnc skips loopback addresses when it builds the list of potential display addresses to report to the display manager via xdmcp, even when the dm is reached via a loopback address. Yes I get the same.
Install vnc server for opensuse tumbleweed VNC connection through http results in black screen. No luck. Question feed. If I were you, I'd install another window manager like fvwm and see if it works with that instead of startxfce4, as a way to narrow it down. Also tried from uvnc and realvnc on source and tightvnc on both. As I was playing I realized that the screen was active, just black. You will probably find you can input to the xterm if you hover the mouse over it.
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Tightvnc non local connection I have a user with a Dell Optiplex GX whose hard drive died. SAP Solutions. Another vncviewer implementation? So it looks as though that is the problem at the moment. My only guess I have for you is on the machine were you were getting the blank screen on with the configuration that ships with TigerVNC, was that you were also logged into the local GUI when you started the remote session. Sometimes, when I try with the live CD method it reboots and the same happens again.
Opensuse vnc server black screen It still requires a lot of work, so it's not ready for general use quite yet. While some people might unfairly associate xrdp with Microsoft, it just plain works better, especially with multiple monitors. However, now the window will open but is and stays black. So please try x0vncserver instead of vncserver and things should hopefully work well for you. For xfce4 Ubuntu I will try your advice tomorrow.


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