Manageengine applications manager 6

manageengine applications manager 6

Overall experience with ManageEngine Application Manager is pretty Great. This tool helps our organisation in various ways like helping our infrastructure team. In Windows, go to Program Files → ManageEngine Applications Manager → Applications Manager Web Console. Right-click the Applications Manager tray icon and. Download a free day trial of Applications Manager and see how you can identify and solve performance problems in your applications and hybrid cloud. SSH AND CYBERDUCK Верхнюю из плотныхвот вид. Связала из плотныхвот вид л. Крючком воздушными петлями 11:00 до 21:00.

Business Hour dropdown was hidden when calendar icon was clicked after choosing Custom time period in Availability and Health History report. Broken since In ServiceDesk Plus OnDemand integration, duplicate tickets were generated for 'Critical' or 'Warning' alarms and tickets were not closed for 'Clear' alarms due to issues in storing ticket reference in Applications Manager. In Capacity Planning report, overall status of monitors were incorrectly shown when the total number of data archived for 'CPU Utilization' attribute was higher than other attributes.

Alerts were triggered much before the specified consecuting polling intervals due to issues in 'Polls to retry' option in Thresholds. In 'Alarms' tab, there were issues in clearing alarms for Managed server monitors from Admin server. While editing 'Performance Metric' and 'Tabular Data' widgets, attributes were not shown on choosing the 'Virtual Machine' monitor type. Broken since Issues fixed in Threshold profile CSVs were incorrectly aligned in spreadsheet due to the presence of comma symbol in threshold values.

There was a mismatch in the availability status shown in the monitor dashboard and 'Availability Downtime' report. There were issues in collecting data when WebSphere monitors were added with non-admin user credentials for WebSphere 9. When proxy was configured without any host exclusion, 'Alarms' tab was not accessible due to issues in setting proxy for ServiceDesk Plus connectivity even when Helpdesk was not configured. APM Insight instances were accessible to unauthorized users with 'Operator' role.

Warning messages were shown in log files of Applications Manager due to insufficient permissions while registering MBeans for WebLogic 10 monitors. Issues fixed in In 'Performance Metric' widget, incorrect values were shown on choosing Script monitors and its associated attributes under 'Multiple Monitors' category.

There were issues in adding Database Query Monitor for Oracle. Incorrect values were shown for 'Availability' attribute in 'Availability, Health and Alarms Summary' widget. Garbled characters were shown in Scheduled Reports mail if the Schedule Name contained Chinese characters. Alert entries were deleted in the backend database whenever Applications Manager was restarted. While accessing the 'Create a new ticket action' form, filtering technicians based on a group does not fetch the list of technicians using the V3 API of ServiceDesk Plus.

In Configure Alarms, included support for associating thresholds for attributes using Machine Learning under 'Threshold Details' tab. In Performance Metric widget, included option to change widget view under 'Edit Widget'. Included '95th percentile' attribute in Server Utilization Report. Transactions - Support for marking key transactions. Exceptions - Option to search and filter exceptions. In 'Infrastructure Snapshot' and 'Monitor Group' widgets, added option to include error count for Critical and Warning severities in 'Edit Widget' page.

Azure VM monitor enhanced to show Service details under 'Services' tab. Provided option to specify Timeout in Exchange Server monitor. Windows server monitor enhanced to show 'Server Time' and 'Time Difference' attributes under 'Overview' tab. In Windows server monitor, included action to clear alarms for 'Last Run Result' attribute under 'Scheduled Tasks' tab. Minor Enhancements in Build Support for vCenter v7. In Script monitor, included option to affect health when exception occurs.

Enabled Infrastructure Widget for Admin servers. NET and Node. Support for Thread Profiles for Java and. NET applications. Support for monitoring Distributed Traces under 'Traces' tab for Java,. AWS Lambda Monitoring - Applications Manager's AWS Lambda monitoring enables you to monitor individual Lambda functions, keeps track of various invocations and concurrent executions, and helps you optimize its performance with unmatched visibility. Issues fixed in Alerts were triggered much before the specified consecuting polling intervals due to issues in 'Polls to retry' option in Thresholds.

Broken since SSL Certificate details were overwritten when Applications Manager was upgraded for users with version or above. Issues fixed in Consent message to perform Applications Manager backup was not shown while installing service pack through Console mode. In Admin server, health and availability status were not shown for some monitors in Bulk Configuration view. Alerts were not synced to AlarmsOne from Admin server when option to push alerts from Managed Servers to Admin server was disabled.

Issues fixed in Adaptive Thresholds were not created if the Severity fields contained decimal values for Custom Expressions. While editing Performance Metric widget for Windows monitor type, 'Node State' metric was not shown under 'Show Additional Metrics' for Windows server versions and above. List thresholds API returned no response if the instance had any threshold with secondary conditions.

When Servicedesk Plus was integrated in Applications Manager and CI Sync was enabled, the links to CI details and Relationship map of monitors from Bulk configuration and Monitor details pages were broken due to vulnerability fixes in Servicedesk Plus. In Oracle DB monitor, details under 'Session' and 'Query' tabs were shown only if data collection for Lock details were enabled.

Issues fixed in There were issues in deleting Monitor Group Alarm Template associated to a monitor's scalar attribute when the Monitor Group of that monitor was deleted. In ServiceNow integration, there were issues in setting impact for ServiceNow incidents creation for new alerts in Application Manager. Blank page was shown on clicking the Alarm details shown in 'Availability, Health and Alarm Summary' widget. Microsoft SQL monitoring issues: Query for performance counter attributes shown in 'Overview' and 'Session' tabs were taking more time to execute and returned unwanted rows.

There were issues in collecting data due to improper handling of connection timeout during query execution. Oracle DB monitoring issues: Jobs and User details were removed and re-added in Applications Manager's backend database due to improper handling of query timeout. There were issues in clearing user password expiry alert messages which created data collection thread blocks in the backend. Failure in data collection of MySQL monitor due to improper handling of connection timeout.

Broken since There were issues in updating the threshold details for numeric attributes in 'Configure Alarms' page. Issues fixed in In Monitor Group view, names of monitor groups displayed incompletely for non-English characters in Enterprise Edition admin server. Issues were seen while adding OpenShift monitors if the Username and Password fields contained special characters. Issues fixed in In String threshold, length of string value field increased from to characters.

In MongoDB monitor, there were issues in collecting data as a whole due to exceptions occurred in 'Network Traffic sent' and 'Network Traffic received' attributes. When SDP v. Blank page was shown while trying to add a Web Server monitor with a valid hostname and an invalid port. ListAlarms API enhanced to filter the result based on acknowledgement status. J2SSH Maverick version has been upgraded from 1.

Support for WebLogic 14c monitoring. Minor Enhancements in Build AlarmsOne integration modified to include details of technician assigned to alarms while sending alerts to AlarmsOne from Applications Manager. Minor Enhancements in Build Added options to filter required data while performing backup of Applications Manager database. Option to ignore invalid root and intermediate certificates added in SSL certificate monitor.

Minor Enhancements in Build jQuery has been updated from version 1. Script and custom monitors enhanced to raise alarm when a row is unavailable for a table in the output file. Oracle Multitenant Monitoring - Applications Manager's Oracle Multitenant Database monitoring helps you simplify monitoring of complex operations inside a multi-tenant system and aids you to optimize the performance of pluggable databases PDBs. Google Kubernetes Engine GKE Monitoring - Applications Manager offers a proactive GKE monitoring solution that provides complete visibility into the performance of your Kubernetes environment on Google Cloud, and helps you keep check on nodes and pods available in the cluster.

SSL Certificate details were overwritten when Applications Manager was upgraded for users with version or above. Broken since Issues were seen while adding OpenShift monitors if the Username and Password fields contained special characters. Broken since Issues fixed in Security Issues CVE : Disabled Tomcat session persistence across restart and possible deserialization vulnerability.

Issues fixed in Duplicate display names were shown for APM Insight monitor instances running in the same host for different applications. User Management modified to restrict special characters in 'Username' field. Security Issues Option introduced to end active session s on user role update.

Issues were seen while updating IP for. Monitors deleted in Managed servers were not removed in Admin server. In Server monitor, associated monitor group details were not shown for both Admin and Managed servers. Number of monitors shown in the 'Availability History' widget increased from 25 to Warning message to change the password is shown now when admin user has logged in with default credentials.

Issues fixed in Issues were seen while re-adding the deleted Windows server monitors in Applications Manager. Bar graph was not shown in 'Performance Metric' widget when 'Show graph for additional metrics' option was enabled. PostgreSQL monitor enhanced to show number of connections per database under 'Database details' in 'Database' tab. Length of String and Number attributes increased from to in Custom new monitor type. In Reports, start day has been changed from Sunday to Monday while viewing last week period data.

File uploaded via FileUploadServlet has traceable name and can be an executable file is fixed. In APM Insight, unwanted pop-ups were showing up on clicking the 'Errors' subtab under 'Transactions' tab when the transaction is of both background and error type. Issues fixed in SNMP v3 monitor health status showed as 'down' after the monitored server was restarted.

Minor Enhancements in Build Script monitor enhanced to show error code response on executing the scripts in remote servers. ADDM enhanced to show list of applications discovered under a particular server. Minor Enhancements in Build Support for monitoring. Sybase monitor enhanced to show 'Free Size' attribute under 'Database Details' table in 'Overview' tab. SDP monitor enhanced to support mail fetching from multiple portals. Option to restart Applications Manager added under 'Tools' section in Admin tab.

ADDM enhanced to show the debug information of servers which were not added during a discovery. Option to perform content check to match whole word added in File monitor. Oracle Autonomous Database Monitoring - Applications Manager's support for Oracle Autonomous Database helps you monitor crtitcal autonomous database metrics and resolve performance issues quickly.

Oracle Cloud Storage Monitoring - Appplications Manager offers a proactive Oracle Cloud Storage monitoring solution that collects detailed insights about the performance of your Cloud Storage services and its associated objects. Google Cloud Storage Monitoring - Applications Manager's Google Cloud Storage monitoring software enables you to track and monitor storage buckets in real time, troubleshoot faults easily, get intelligent alerts and analyze historical data that are aggregated over a period.

Google Cloud Filestore Monitoring - With Applications Manager's Google Cloud Filestore monitor, you can monitor various files, collect the metric data and analyze them, and optimize the performance of your file storage system. NET Core monitoring helps you simplify the monitoring for your. NET Core applications, and helps you optimize its performance with unmatched visibility.

Slack Integration - Applications Manager offers an out-of-the-box Slack integration that pushes Applications Manager notifications to Slack channels in real time, helping teams provide faster response to service failures and problems. Hazelcast Monitoring - Applications Manager's Hazelcast monitor enables you to track the performance of your Hazelcast grid and clusters, and helps you optimize them to deliver maximum results.

Issues fixed in Warning message to change the password is shown now when admin user has logged in with default credentials. Reported by Wei Issues fixed in In APM Insight, unwanted pop-ups were showing up on clicking the 'Errors' subtab under 'Transactions' tab when the transaction is of both background and error type. In MS SQL monitor, there were issues in collecting data for the availability databases if more than one secondary replica was configured under an AlwaysOn Availability Group.

There was an issue in collecting data for 'Response Time' attribute of server monitor, when Applications Manager is installed as Japanese in Japanese OS. Issues fixed in AS monitor enhanced to sort health status based on severity for monitored data queues. In the History data page, lengthy attribute names were not shown in the 'Select attribute' dropdown. Reported by Anh Vu Issues fixed in While viewing QoS Worldwide view tab, a blank popup was being shown on clicking over the widget.

In Applications Manager Plugin, 'Username' field was accepting only for case-sensitive values. Issues were seen while creating shortcuts with Japanese characters in Topology Map View. AS monitor enhanced to sort health status based on severity for monitored jobs and subsystems. When Self-Monitoring is enabled, false alerts related to polling delay were seen, for monitors whose poll interval was changed from the default value.

Reported by Anh Vu Issues fixed in In Websphere monitoring, duplication of monitors were taking place for network deployment mode. Broken since Data collection was not happening for Websphere monitors with base deployment mode. Broken since Issues fixed in Configure Alarm Templates were not being applied for third-level tabular metrics. Minor Enhancements in Build Windows server monitor enhanced to support Firewall monitoring.

Added Credential Manager support for Citrix Hypervisor monitor. Enhanced Apache Server monitoring to support IPv6 address. Performance Metric and Tabular Data widgets enhanced to sort information based on primary metric for Custom monitor type and Script monitors.

Option to notify the status of action execution in Execute program action added. Minor Enhancements in Build ADDM enhanced to support deletion of monitors discovered through a specific discovery profile. Option to capture screenshots added in Applications Manager UI. Minor Enhancements in Build Linux monitor enhanced to support monitoring of Cron jobs.

SQL Anywhere Monitoring - Track SQL Anywhere database parameters closely with information like resource consumption, database space and file details, connection details, and session stats. Google Cloud Platform-Compute Engine Monitoring - Applications Manager's support for Google Cloud Compute Engine helps regulate resource utilization at individual host level by tracking instance, firewall, and quota metrics.

Issues fixed in In Schedule Reports, "Selecting number of monitors" option was included for capacity planning. While creating a URL monitor from admin server the page was getting redirected to home page on submit after selecting the specific managed server.

Broken since Edit request in Windows performance counters monitor was getting redirected to home page. Broken since Certificate file upload from admin to managed server failed when URL monitor was created from admin server. In Support tab, issues were seen in triggering heap dumps for JVM.

Issues were seen in creating an Oracle Cloud monitor when tags were configured in the compartments of tenancy. In Web Applications Group page, other tabs were not working after navigating from Business view tab. Issues fixed in Error popup was being shown on selecting the Display Properties option under Business View tab available in home page. In Kubernetes monitor, no data were being shown for some attributes in the Persistent Volumes table. Script monitor creation failed when Local Command mode was chosen in Linux build.

In Real Browser monitor, if the recorded script contained DOM value as the primary identifier, data collection was not happening. In Real Browser Monitor, Test Playback was failing when the password value was hidden in the playback script. In HAProxy monitor, the values were being miscalculated for a few attributes.

While adding AD monitor, there were issues in fetching credentials using Credential Manager. Issues fixed in In Azure Virtual Machine, no data was being loaded for Azure diagnostic agent's performance metrics. In About settings tab, option to perform Easy Upgrade was not working.

Broken since Issues fixed in Availability of the server discovered in WebSphere ND monitor is down if the name contains space in it. Issues fixed in While configuring alarm template for Monitor Type in the admin server, the health and availability of the monitors were not getting synced to the Managed Servers. Monitor displayname was being shown as "null" in the Availability Report Page. Broken since Linux command for Inode monitoring was not displaying a portable output.

Under Downtime Scheduler, the local time shown in the start time and end time of the custom schedule was removed as it was found to be confusing with the actual time zone configured. Issues fixed in A compromised user account of "Authenticated Users" group could modify PostgreSQL configuration by executing an arbitrary command to escalate privileges. Issues fixed in Ticket details for Service Now integration were not updated properly. Broken since Auto-refresh of dashboard was not implemented after the set time.

Option to choose VM discovery type included while adding new Hyper-V monitor. WebLogic monitor enhanced to show Current Heap Size attribute in percentage. In Personalize settings tab, red color has been added as a new skin color.

MySQL monitor enhanced to support master-master replication. Nutanix Monitoring - Monitor and track metrics related to clusters, storage and VMs in your Nutanix deployments. Neo4j Monitoring - Applications Manager's Neo4j monitoring tool provides valuable insights into key Neo4j metrics, notifies about areas that need attention, and enables you to optimize performance of Neo4j servers. OCI monitoring - Applications Manager's oracle cloud monitoring solution provides fine-grain visibility into every component of your Oracle cloud environment thereby enabling you to optimize the performance of business critical oracle cloud services.

OpenShift monitoring - With Applications Manager's OpenShift monitoring capabilities, simplify application maintenance and ensure that OpenShift performance is up to par. Nginx Plus monitoring - Applications Manager's NGINX Plus monitoring tool collects important metric data and interprets it in visual and tabular formats for easy understanding. Network devices were getting deleted and added during every subsequent update of Devices and Alarms from External Connectors Broken since AppManager version Ticket details for Service now integration were not updated properly.

Monitor group's description field rendered empty content if it contained special characters. Business Service group could not be created. Issues fixed in Monitor group's description field rendered empty content if it contained special characters. Ping monitor data for Japanese servers wasn't shown. Monitor group names with chinese words looked garbled. When the list of users along with user group was imported, if the display name had a comma in it, users weren't imported properly. Recent Alarms widget not shown in the dashboard.

Issues fixed in Network devices were getting deleted and added during every subsequent update of Devices and Alarms from External Connectors Broken since AppManager version Text value in widgets appeared small on big screen. Apple push notification certificate was renewed.

Issues fixed in Apple push notification certificate was renewed. The "Retry immediately if error occurs" option in URL monitor was not working. Issues fixed in On enabling self monitor option in Admin Server, false alert was sent for sync delay in managed server for which sync was disabled manually.

When Applications Manager was installed in a chinese machine, availability of servers which were down weren't shown as such. Issues fixed in Datacollection mechanism of PHP monitor was altered to support higher level of ciphers.

Issues fixed in In Kubernetes monitor, performance polling key was not updated in managed server when its value was changed from admin server Broken since Attribute report for HAProxy monitor showed "no data available". Attribute report for the EUM monitors associated to monitor group showed "no data available". In EUM monitors, data collection occured every 5 minutes irrespective of polling interval.

In Kubernetes monitor, performance polling key was not updated in managed server when its value was changed from admin server Broken since Virtual Machines with same resourcename in various Hyper-V servers were not discovered. Tomcat other languages : Configuration tab values were empty. Web User Experience monitor was not showing data under the Browser and Device details tab. Link to add other monitors inside Server monitor details page was broken Issue since Issues fixed in All monitors, even those which were not associated to 'operator' user, were displayed in the inventory report for 'operator' type users.

In Oracle DB monitor, there was an issue in the data collection of TableSpace details for the monitors in standby mode with read access. Issues fixed in If the RCA Message contained more than one link, only one was shown in the email content. If the business hour was applied and. Minor Enhancements in Build Option to include business hours for threshold added. Support for Kerberos Authentication in Windows server monitor added.

Minor Enhancements in Build Support for agentless ping monitoring added. Option to add monthly recurrence details for Downtime Scheduler added. For Custom Monitor types, Script monitor and Database Query monitor, custom "Show poll data" period selection in widgets has been added. Minor Enhancements in Build Option to look at the operation audit logs in the UI has been added.

Security Enhancements in Build APM Plugin Authentication enhanced to fix bug mentioned in CVE Minor Enhancements in Build New option to check if the managed server is down for specified number of times before sending a mail was added. A new column "Parent Monitor Name" which displays the name of the attribute's parent monitor was added in the 'Used by' list under 'View Actions' option. Issues fixed in When a monitor group is created with special characters, the special characters looked garbled in the breadcrumbs when the monitor group is viewed after creation.

Pod status and Container status in Kubernetes Monitor had limited values. This information was not sufficient while associating thresholds, and therefore users sometimes received false alarms. Users were unable to create Trap listener if they associated it to more than one monitor group. There was an issue in the data collection of Replication status and seconds behind master attributes in Replication tab under MySQL monitor.

Issues fixed in In XenApp- 6. If the display name of any EUM monitor had 'double quotes' in it, improper health status was shown when trying to view the monitor from EUM tab. Users were unable to add Jboss cluster monitor with 'Enable Filter' option.

Error occurred while updating user's profile picture if the profile picture's file name contained characters like " " and " ". Changes made in the float type threshold from configure alarms page were not updated even after saving them. Users were unable to add Trap listener and access it in IE Actions created by admin user were listed under SQL Job Action for delegated admin user even though the option was disabled under User management.

Issues fixed in Subsequent refresh of OAuth token stopped if the Applications Manager server lost network connectivity at the scheduled refresh time. Issues fixed in Applications Manager startup failed in Windows if Native ping was enabled in 64 bit servers. Issues fixed in In Oracle Database monitor, at read timeout, false alerts were being raised saying tablespace down. Users were unable to add Oracle monitor if the monitor's username had spaces in it Broken since In Rabbit Mq monitoring, added the attribute 'Consumers' for queues.

In Execute Program Action, Edit and Update was not working when the content given in the Program to Execute field exceeded characters broken since In the User Management page, operations like Create and Edit user failed when the user was associated to more than monitor groups broken since Issues fixed in In Rest API monitoring, the OAuth provider added from the new monitor page does not appear in the provider dropdown. In Web User Experience monitor, the "script" parameter size was restricted to characters due to which the monitor was not being added.

We have now increased the value to characters. However, the Target Status is configurable. So we have now removed this default status check and therefore, also removed the "Availability" attribute. Broken since version The EC 2 instance count displayed in the Amazon parent monitor was wrong.

When connectivity issues occur in SQL monitor, we've added the option to try connecting again after 10 secs, before showing the monitor availability as down. The "Create Report" option in the Users tab leads to an empty page. Broken since version The existing credentials in Credential Manager did not have Force Encryption parameter. Under configuring dependencies , error attribute goes missing when removed from the dependant list for server monitors.

In JBoss monitoring, the max pool size data was not retrieved. For Tomcat SSL connection, test credentials shows "passed" even as the connection fails returns error code Support for monitoring Inode usage has been added in Linux monitor. Minor Enhancements in Build Provided the option to exclude monitor error mails for specific monitors. Kubernetes Monitoring - Get real-time operational visibility into your Kubernetes infrastructure and track performance.

Issues fixed in Uptime scale in Availability history widget in the Enterprise Edition Admin server was not properly aligned when more than 15 rows were present. For SDP-OD, on-hold tickets were being re-opened when a ticket was updated, instead of adding the update as notes.

Security Issues CSRF vulnerability: An attacker could craft an URL in such a way that when an admin user is made to access this a new admin account will be created without his consent hence compromising security. Session Termination: When an account user updates his password in one of his browsers, we now terminate all the existing sessions except current session of that account.

Issues fixed in The option to change the logo under "Report Settings" was not working for the dashboard reports sent via schedule reports. Broken since Build Issues fixed in In Server Monitoring SNMP v3, the process list is displayed as down and doesn't become up unless polled manually.

When generating Dashboard Scheduled reports, widgets are now printed in the proper order as shown in the Applications Manager client and page break is added after each widget. When a new user was created with a profile photo, logging in to the new account would redirect to an error page since build When editing threshold configuration in the Admin Server, data was not being synched with the Managed server since build Capacity planning reports sent as scheduled reports could not be opened properly as the file extension was missing at report creation since build Metaspace memory details for Java 8 added for Jboss Version 7 and above.

When a user edited the action, the default port was being displayed instead of the newly configured port. When using the GetDowntimeDetails Rest API with the seclected period as "last month", downtime details were being collected for 30 days instead of the number of days in the respective month. Users could not configure Monitor Group type alarm templates for tabular attributes when multiple Monitor Group templates existed for the same attribute.

Service Monitor triggered numerous Monitor Down email alerts every day at different time intervals without RCA change. In Linux builds, when users selected the Microsoft Skype for Business monitor from the Create New Monitor page, they were not being redirecting to the appropriate page. In the Trap Listener, the trap received details were not being updated if previous and current severity is clear , but corrective actions were being executed.

Support for scheduling reports with recent polled data. Minor Enhancements in Build Negative Threshold support for custom monitors. XULRunner upgraded to When the window is minimized scroll bars did not appear. Active Directory User login always returned invalid credentials. Monitor creation failed when special characters were present in the username or password.

Provided filtering option based on variable bindings for Trap listener. Added support for monitoring AWS Billing statistics. Added the option to change the Numeric Attribute type in Script and Custom monitor. Added the option to define and apply Adaptive Thresholds. Earlier, data collection for Web Services monitor would not happen when users set empty values as Request headers when adding the monitor. Added the option to provide Criteria evaluation pattern in "Monitor Group Rules".

Query timed-out errors thrown by Oracle database instances in Standby Mode was affecting the health of the monitor. This behavior has been handled. In Query and Script Monitor, configuring alarms for a single row of tabular attributes was affecting the remaining rows too since build This issue has been present since Applications Manager Version Imported Active Directory users are properly authenticated only after the user has logged into Applications Manager with the Active Directory credentials at least once.

However, when using the Authenticator API, users should be authenticated at first sign in. This was not happening. In the Opmanager Plugin, the Add-on products page was redirecting to an error page since build In the latest service packs of SQL , the Overview tab displayed empty values. In SQL monitoring, the Job duration was being displayed incorrectly in the history. APM Insight. Net Agent issue fixes: Database connections were not being cleared due to a weak reference issue.

When data collection was not happening in certain WMI Monitors due to absence of. Net Framework 3. This has been handled. Issues fixed in When adding a new monitor using custom monitor types, if the monitor contained tabular attributes, data in the second table was not being archived properly. Duplicate monitors were getting added for WebSphere version 8. Issues fixed in SAP Monitors stopped collecting data when an excess number of idle connections were present.

In Oracle database monitoring, reporting fuctionality for the attribute 'Backup Age' was not supported. Network devices were not being added in Applications Manager in initial sync while deleting and re-integrating the OPM connector. Downtime scheduler page was not loading when the number of monitor groups was high. Data collection in Nginx monitor was not being initiated.

Forecast report was not being generated in the MySQL backend when the time period chosen was the last 15 or last 30 days. In the Inventory reports, the Poll Interval column displayed wrong data. Custom Fields were not synching with managed server since build Blocked Session attribute wrongly named as Deadlock under Session Details drop-down.

Alerts too were not working for Blocked Session Count Attribute. For Office , we've upgraded to TLS v 1. Issues fixed in Alarm tab options enhanced to give users the capability of selecting multiple severity filters. Content check in URL monitoring was not happening if the response code is above Automated the process of configuring OpManager's keystore and truststore details in AppManager Plugin.

When a monitor was added as a Dependent Device, there were issues in it's working. There were issues in the dependent Monitor Group functionality. Security Issues: The credentials used to connect the modem to the database were exposed and are now encrypted. User details, incuding API Keys, were being exposed to other users, as the url to fetch those details were unauthenticated. Manager User was able to view and modify the Execute Program Action.

Issues fixed in Passwords with Single quote and double quotes were failing in WMI-mode monitors. In windows cluster monitor, alert message generated by disk tables were displaying the wrong disk name. Websphere monitor goes down when Applications Manager is upgraded from a build before version In Oracle database, long running queries like tablespace queries caused data collection to stall.

Hence, socket read timeout and query timeout handled for Oracle DB Monitor. Issues fixed in In ElasticSearchCluster monitoring, the issue in fetching the proper credential details after restarting Applications Manager is fixed. However, no error message was being shown in monitor details page and monitor health and availability was being shown as up.

When using the OpManager add-on, network devices from OpManager were being displayed incorrectly when listed from infrastructure snapshot page. This issue is fixed. Deleting the OpManager add-on was deleting all other Add-on products as well since build This issue is resolved.

Enterprise Edition Sync failed in some Windows machines since build Support for Spring boot framework and Undertow web server. Support for integration with ManageEngine AlarmsOne. Support for Installshield in Chinese and Japanese language. Support for SMS Gateway action configuration. Minor Enhancements in Build Russian language support. Capability added to suppress Alerts for Dependent Monitor Group. Websphere monitoring support for Version 9. Issues fixed in Provided the 'timeout' option in SharePoint Server monitor.

Windows monitor showed down when the Service Name contained special characters. In the Enterprise Edition, the Ticket action for 'On-value change' was not working when it was created and associated from the Admin Server. Provided Delegated Admin users permission to manage databases. False alerting issue in self-monitoring.

Users were unable to add a Weblogic version 12 monitor in Applications Manager since build In the Enterprise Edition, Templates created in the admin server could not be associated with monitors created in the Managed Server, when direct MSsql sync was enabled.

Actions defined in alarm templates were not being executed for tabular attributes. The Reflected XSS issue in reporting page has been fixed. Issues in adding a new Azure monitor using an Organizational account. Issues fixed in Added support for Solr Versions above 6. SSO was not working since build WUE monitor content wasn't being rendered properly.

In Widgets, if multiple monitors had the same attributes, only one was being displayed. Business Hour calculation in availability percentage report was wrong. The Attribute report pdf for other languages was not showing the display name.

A client can now retain insight history for upto 60 days. In Real Browser Recorder, basic authentication credentials were being cached. This is removed now. When creating a new Real Browser Monitor using the RBM recorder, users were unable to associate monitors to multiple monitor groups. Negative values were being displayed in log file size metrics of Sybase monitor database details. Clicking the Save button under Performance polling for Servers was taking users to a blank page from build Performance metrics widget did not display all attributes in the line graph for SNMP custom attributes of archived data.

Issues fixed in In RBM monitoring, intelligent playback wasn't happening at script failure. Instead, playback happens after the monitor goes down. For some users, the encryption key was not being sent to the RBM agent, when a connection timeout was provided, resulting in errors.

Issues in UpdateIP action for several monitor types. Issues fixed in In a virtual hosting setup with the server domain added as an SSL certificate monitor, Applications Manager would throw an error when trying to add another virtual host domain as an SSL certificate monitor, saying monitor already exists. Wrong polling delay alert was displayed when more than 70 monitors were present with different polling intervals.

At Authentication failure, Tomcat monitors Health and Availability was being displayed as down. Users were unable to add monitors for MySQL version 5. The script to re-initialize database was not working. URL Sequence monitoring issue fixes: When using the Re-record option, users could not update the display name of the monitor. Issues fixed in The Bypass proxy list in the EUM agent wasn't being taken into consideration when connecting to Applications Manager.

Stray Firefox processes were not being cleared out when the EUM agent was installed as a Windows service. Server monitors added in SSH mode, using key based authentication, via Credential Manager displayed issues with data collection. Users were unable to generate the health reports for monitor groups after 90 days. When a script timeout error occurs in RBM, data collection was not being rescheduled the monitor stops polling.

The error message says 'Data collection Successful' instead of 'Script playback timed out'. Issues fixed in Microsoft SQL monitoring issue fixes: We have provided user-configurable "Force Protocol Encryption" option for individual monitors. Under the Configure Alarms link under database details , Log Used Percentage was not being displayed. In the options displayed for Microsoft SQL under Performance polling in the Admin tab , options selected were not being saved.

Session details were not being displayed correctly. The entries in the Alerts and Events table were not being removed when disabling Job monitoring. Log shipping data was not being displayed in PostgreSQL backend. Under Schedule Reports, reports for Capacity planning were not working from Build Support for Inventory Report generation.

Microsoft Dynamics On-Premise support. Support for monitoring vCenter 6. Support for Windows Minor Enhancements in Build Admin role given the capability to grant permissions to the Delegated Admin role for creating actions.

Support for Sharepoint Support for Dynamics CRM Support for HyperV SQL Configuration Details with support for configuration management. SQL clusters. Minor Enhancements in Build Enhanced SSH Mode connectivity using Key Exchange KEX method with support for diffie-hellman-groupsha, diffie-hellman-groupsha, diffie-hellman-groupsha, diffie-hellman-groupsha and diffie-hellman-groupsha algorithms.

Amazon DynamoDB Monitoring - Auto discover your DynamoDB tables, gather data for performance metrics like latency, request throughput and throttling errors; optimize resource usage and improve application performance. This behavior is corrected. Virtual machines under monitor groups were not being listed in the capacity planning reports. In capacity planning reports, the monitor groups which contained Solaris monitors were not being listed.

The Custom Field filter was working incorrectly for a few widgets. The EUM agent web console fails to launch at startup. Issues fixed in Specific report types under Schedule reports were not working in the Opmanager Plugin installtion in a Linux environment. Certain threshold profiles created in the Admin server did not sync with the Managed server.

The ServiceNow Ticket updates were not working since Build When the Oracle database is in Standby mode, the health of the monitor was being affected, stating that Tablespace details are not available. Application manager supports AuditLog for all monitor groups both managed and admin servers in Admin server. In case of incorrect credentials entered while adding Apache server, the Test Credential operation did not display an error message.

This issue has been addressed. Tablespace details usage was being displayed incorrectly for temporary tablespaces in the Oracle Database. Capacity planning reports feature was not working for the Xenserver host and VMs. This behavior has been corrected. Data collection was not happening for the Real Browser Monitors after applying the Service Pack. Issues fixed in We have fixed a design issue in Real Browser Monitor. Earlier, multiple copies of the same script were being maintained, one for each newly associated agent.

We now have a single script common to all the agents. This issue affects builds from Version In the Windows monitor, clicking the Service Edit links took users to an error page. Data collection was not happening in RBM monitors when users upgraded from Version to Issues fixed in Option added to sync the monitor availability polls to retry count between Admin and Managed servers. The issue in data collection re-scheduling which occurs at Real Browser Monitor agent restart has been fixed.

This issue has been fixed. Users were unable to load the "Add new monitor" page due to stray entries in certain tables. Issues fixed in Associated SDP ticket actions were getting removed from the Admin server when a user tried to update Polls from the Managed server. When adding a SAP Server monitor, selecting a language other than English caused interruption in data collection.

Also, data collection for existing monitors was not happening for customers using service packs. The single quote character in MsSQL passwords was causing data collection failure. Closing a ticket in Service Desk Plus does not clear an alarm in Applications Manager and later, when a critical alarm is raised, the same ticket is reopened instead of a new ticket being created even when Reopen threshold is set.

These screens have been removed. Added Password protection for performance reports that are exported in. Minor Enhancements in Build Support for monitoring Linux Zombie processes in server monitoring. Capacity planning reports option included in the Schedule reports page. Provided the option to enable or disable the Managed Server Down email alerts from the Admin server. In the Bookmark Widget, the Display names of bookmarks are displayed as 'null' if they include Chinese and Japanese characters.

This affected data collection. Users will now be alerted of this in the Health Message. All attributes were not being displayed in the Tabular data widget in the Dashboard. When a Monitor group's availability status changed from Critical to Unknown, the calculation of Availability Percentage was not taking place properly. Issues fixed in SNMP v1 and v2 trap actions were not working due to community string encoding error in Applications Manager Version For JBoss 6 EAP, the message "Server is running, but suspended" was being displayed even when the server was in running state.

The Attribute search feature in the Reports tab has been modified to handle case insensitivity and to distinguish between monitor types for similar attributes. Discovering vCenter from the Admin server led to error page. Issues fixed in When a ticket was closed in SDP, a new ticket was not being generated, in spite of Advanced settings set to open a new ticket.

This issue affected builds and later and is now fixed. We have provided the option to enable this. In Custom Monitors, the File Size was being displayed in an incorrect format. Users were unable to view the user-image in the Alarms tab when acknowledging an Alert in the Admin server.

Issues fixed in We have fixed the issue of authentication failure in Mail Server monitors after upgrading to mail This issue affected builds to Currently, only the servers under the host controllers are identified and added for JBoss cluster set up. Servers deployed under the domain controller were not being identified and added. This issue is fixed and now the servers under domain controller are also detected. This issue affected builds to This vulnerability is fixed.

This option has been added. HTML characters were appearing in the Business view due to a broken tooltip message. The Oracle Alert logs were not being cleared even when there was not data collected. Users got an error whenever they tried to acknowledge or clear alarms from the mobile app.

Issues fixed in In Web User Experience Monitoring, when users click on the Cancel or Reset button in the new monitor page, the monitor created in Site24x7 was not being deleted. The Admin page displays??? This issue affects builds and and is fixed in Health status was not getting cleared in Oracle tabular attributes. ServiceDesk Plus Integration Issues: Tickets were getting reopened even after the user had set a custom period as reopen threshold. The issue of new tickets being created in ServiceDesk Plus when the alarm goes from Warning to Critical is resolved.

The issue in consolidated mail action to check the business hours selection is fixed. Notes were not being added when the option "Add notes for the ticket whenever an annotation is added is made for the alarms" was enabled for Service Now. Enabling reports for Tomcat's web application attributes from the UI navigates to Apache Geronimo monitor.

Bulk threshold configuration is now supported for 'Replication Agent Status' attribute. Minor Enhancements in Build Table Sync Details has been enhanced to provide options for table re-sync, export table sync report and view tables with out-of-range IDs. Drop-down and Search option have been added to select a monitor in the Report tab. SAP Hana Monitor enhanced with data collection for new memory attributes. Minor Enhancements in Build Query monitor enhanced so that users can select and existing host instead of a new host along with existing databases and queries.

Enhanced the Applications Manager tray icon. Now users can use the tray icon to start and stop the service, open the web console and use other startup options. Amazon Simple Notification Service SNS Monitoring - Monitor region and topic-wise metrics like notification status delivery and failure , SMS deliveries, messages throughput - sent and failed counts, subscription count and more.

This issue affects build and is fixed in The Real Browser Monitoring dashboard was not syncing data when a managed server was deleted from the admin server and added again. Users with an operator role were unable to view details of URL elements in an URL sequence monitor, when the monitor was associated to a Group with operator permissions.

Terminated EC2 instances were not getting deleted from the Applications Manager console, if the instance was in unmanaged state prior to termination. Users were unable to edit the password used to log in to their Applications Manager account. Business Views were not being saved for monitor groups and saved Business Views of monitor groups not visible to other users. SMS Modem Actions were not being displayed while executing the actions from the alarms page.

Issues fixed in The health of the HyperV host and HyperV virtual machines were getting affected by script timeout errors. When a monitor is removed from a group with an alarm template action for Service availability in addition to other actions for other attributes , the action associated with services was not getting removed from the Managed server. The Windows services currently running were not being displayed if the service name contained special characters.

Mail actions created in the Admin server were not syncing to the Managed servers when the Mail settings were not configured in the Managed servers. This issue affects build and is now fixed. Duplicate tickets were being generated for same severity when the SocketTimeoutException occurred while connecting with ServiceDesk Plus.

Issue fixed in generating Dashboard reports from Schedule reports. Issues fixed in The pdf action report for alarm history was not displaying the correct time zone. You can also refer our Best Practices Guide for more help on getting started with Applications Manager.

Getting Started When Applications Manager is started in Windows, the default browser as configured in your system is invoked and the login screen is displayed. Edit AMServer. Set the value of am. Then log in to the Applications Manager by filling in the User Authentication details. To do so, follow the steps given below: Click over the Reset Password link available in the login page.

Enter the username and the email ID configured for the user and click Reset Password. An email containing the link for password reset will be sent if the given user details are correct. Click over the Reset Password link mentioned in the mail. On clicking the link, you will be redirected to the Password Reset page. Enter the new password to be configured for the user account and submit. You can also use the startWebConsole. Ensure that the Applications Manager is started before executing this file.

User management is not supported for the Applications Manager plugin build over OpManager.

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