1957 thunderbird vin decoder

1957 thunderbird vin decoder

Using the data plate decoder, let's decode your data plate: 40 FF XK 24 E 3 1​. 40 = Body Type – All Thunderbirds were coded All 55 & 56 were code 40A All 57 were code 40 th vehicel (not only Thunderbird) scheduled to be made on Feb 13 V-Aug Z-Dec. Data Plate Decoder. Last edited by bpoland on Tue Oct 26, am, edited 1 time in total. Bill P. 'D' Bird. Top. SETTING UP A POSTGRESQL ON DBEAVER Верхнюю из плотных. Связала из плотных пакетов на 20. Связала из плотных ТИШИНКЕ Мы открыли.

Black and White XA starting July Red and White XB starting July Turquoise and White XC starting July Black and Yellow XD starting July 1 Black and White Vinyl. Red and White Vinyl. Dark Peacock and White Vinyl. Green and White Vinyl.

Brown and White Vinyl. Pleated Flame Vinyl. Pleated Bronze Vinyl. Pleated Colonial Vinyl. Take the example: 13B SD , which decodes February 13, The W, X, Y and Z were used to denote that the late models were being produced beyond the normal 12 month model year and are only seen on the smaller data plates.

Sales district codes were not used on models until approximately Nov. The data plate was redesigned, made smaller and phased in between April 15 and April 19, The scheduled item number followed the sales district code until the redesign of the data plate in April The smaller data plate then carried the transmission and rear axle codes.

The District Codes showing numerals and letters, although both were never used together were as follows:. New York. Pittsburg Newark. Philadelphia Jacksonville. Washington DC Cincinnati. Indianapolis Lansing. Twin Cities. Des Moines. Kansas City. P5FH P6FH D7FH T-Birds 16, T-Birds 15, T-Birds 2 1,3. District Codes continued from previous page. If the number was it was the st Thunderbird shipped to that district. In numbers were used for district codes. Example: 71 Los Angeles If the number was it would have been the st Thunderbird shipped to that district.

If the number exceeded the district code remained 71 and and beyond would follow the district code. The last entry after the sales district number on most models the letter P appeared. On models after April 19th , in lieu of a production code, there is a code for transmission type and axle ratio:. Shows on late type Data Plates only.

Axle Ratio. The totals above include "KD" or knock down units prepared at the Dearborn assembly plant for shipment to Mexico for assembly. Additional information. This continued through October From November 1, through July 7, both sales district codes and sequence codes scheduled item numbers were used.

Beginning July 8, only sequence numbers were used until the end of production of the models. Top colors on early models. If your car has this please send a tracing of the original data plate to David Tulowitzky at the address shown below. Please include as much information about your car as possible, including original colors if known. Data plate information was typed onto the metal plate by employees of Ford Motor Company.

Mistakes were not made very often, but errors have been found. David Tulowitzky. Port Charlotte, FL To make a good data plate tracing, place a clean piece of paper over the data plate and rub a dull pencil lead or a dirty finger over it. Please provide as much information as possible, transmission, options, original colors if known special features, history, etc.

Labels: Historical , Tech Tip. Ron www. That doesn't show on any of the codes. Anyone have an idea what this code means? Thanks For Post which have lot of knowledge and informataion thanks Thunderbird Crack. Great site. Thank you for posting all the great info. I would love to find the original owner and any info on its life.

Car in being restored in Vancouver Canada now. Thx a ton Dave Wilkinson email Dave telus. Post a Comment. Revised and updated by George Barlow, Dave Tulowitzky, John Sailors, John Smith, Frank Stubbs and Gil Baumgartner Whether you own or are looking for a classic Thunderbird, so long as you are planning to restore it you will most likely want to know how to tell what it was like when it was new. This article provides a ready reference on all data important to the heritage of the classic Thunderbird.

It documents what engine and which colors were original for a specific car. It explains what the production code means, and probably in what area your car was first sold. Please take the time to relate this article to your own car so you may have the pleasure of discovering something new about something "old". Patent data plates are located on the firewall of the engine compartment near the heater duct.

There were two basic styles used between and models. The small data plate was used on models until the end of productions of the Thunderbirds, Dec. Media Individual Photos New media New comments. Log in Free Club Registration. What's new. Register Free. New posts. Log in. Free Club Registration. Install the app. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Data plate decoding help Thread starter Charlie Start date May 11, Charlie Click here to upgrade. Joined May 11, Thunderbird Year However A-M supposedly designates with N-Z designating vehicles from My car is definitely a , not Any ideas on why the data plate doesn't seem to line up?

My first post here, thank you in advance for your answers! Ward 57 Active Member Bronze Member. Gold Member. Joined Aug 14, Thunderbird Year From What I can decipher, it was star mist blue with a matching hardtop. Pleated Colonial white interior. The 'E' is for a with 4 barrel carb. I'm not sure where you find that the month letters were changed year to year. Last edited: May 11, Thank you Joined Dec 29, Thunderbird Year Sounds like the article I found on Hagerty was misleading about the alpha assignments by year.

I appreciate the guidance! Joined Dec 12, Thunderbird Year Ward 57 said:. Click to expand Tbirdr Active Member Bronze Member. Joined Jul 28, Thunderbird Year Can someone help me with the production code in my attached file, thank you in advance.

Boozeman Active Member Bronze Member.

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1958 VIN Decoder for Ford Passenger Cars of Fairlane and Custom 300 Production Lines

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